VISION Industries

Manufacturers Representative, est 1992

Ardeo Systems -
Legacy furnace service and support BTI/Kokusai Apogee I & II & Semitherm VTP . Repairs, spare parts, upgrades.

Akrion Systems -
Batch immersion & single wafer cleaning& etching. Class1Apps lab for demos and development.

Bostek -
Repair, Refurb and sales of Brooks, Equipe / PRI , SEZ robots,. Wide range of robots, controllers, aligners. and services Quick turn.

Bruce Tech-
Supporting Bruce/BTI furnaces– new, refurb upgrades, spare parts and service. Elevator retrofit-. Apex support.

Brumley South

KLA Tencor, ADE, Nanometrics , & Dryden metrology, particle tools. SP1, Surfscan 6000 series, Alpha Step, Pseries profilers,QIII. Refurbished and repaired.
Deposition Tech

Semi Equip Chamber Support. Cleaning, Repair,Coating Texturing and Packaging. Process kits or parts. Flame Spray, Yttria. Sputtering kits.

DS Fibertech

Furnace elements for Horizontal and Vertical furnaces, Semi/Solar applications. High temp. Pyro Torch .Interlocking high temp ceramic support to prevent sagging.

ECC (Electronic Container Corporation) -
Wafer and Solar cell handling products. Carriers, boxes, PODS, FOUPS & Shipper. Materials include Poly, PFA, PVDF and Peek


KLA Tool Support - Surfscan 6000 series, F5, FX5, UV1050, 1080, 1250, 1280 - Spectra Fx 100,200, profilometers. Repairs, Service contracts, Field Service Support, Spare Parts, Parts Repair. 3rd party tool support for SP1, SP2, Archer 10 & 5000 series. Used/refurbished equipment.

Modutek -

Wet benches – Chem dely. IPA Dryer,Rotary Etcher, Fume Hoods, fume scrubbers Heated Quartz tanks.

MTek Corp -
Semi & Solar industries. New/refurbished SRD’s, table top 75mm- 300mm. Semitool - Verteq Double stacks or table top units. Tool audits. Spare parts.

Phoenix Innovation

Heater/pedestal & ESC 's refurbished and surplus. Spare parts and kits available for most OEM's.. AMAT, Lam, Novellus, TEL, Gasonics, Varian, Axcelis. New & refurbished ceramic Domes.

R2D/Comet -
Semi and Solar – Sorters(table top or stand alone), Batch Transfer, Stocker,Buffer, ID Readers, Elevators – OEM Solutions.

S-Cubed -

Photoresist process & Wet cleaning equipment–single wafer. PHOTO - Coat, Develop, Bake & WEE- Lower COO than used equip WET – Clean & Etch( spray & scrub). Reticle cleaner 
SEG (Silica Eng Group)

Quartz, Ceramic & Silicon machined parts. AMAT , Lam, Novellus, Gasonic replacement parts. Quartz Acid Tanks (new & repair) R&D - Custom fabrication.

Tempress (Amtech) -
INDUSTRY LEADER in SOLAR PROCESS SOLUTIONSDiffusion/LPCVD furnace systems .Low pressure POCL3 up to 500 wafer loads. Integrated Automation and startup, PECVD, and Implant. 

Vac-tech -

Vacuum Pumps. Refurbish/Repair/Replace. Edwards(IQ, IH & IGX) , Ebara, Alcatel, Stokes, Leybold, Bush & Kinney. OEM parts inventory. Man on site contracts.Valve repair. ISO 9001 certified. Online customer WIP.

Yerico( SNT-USA)-
SPARE PARTS/ UPGRADES. Includes Ceramic, Silicon, Quartz, SiC Sapphire & Aluminum. ESC’s (new or refurb), Electrodes,Heater Blocks, Stepper/Scanner chucks Repairs - Mag seals, Torodial orifices, Robots, bellows and valves.
Used or Refurbished equipment platforms. Includes install upgrades for TEL, DNS, Kokusai, AMAT, Nikon, Canon, ASML